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WordPress Tidbits and Web Design Resource
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  • 07/13/10--11:26: Augmented (Hyper) Reality
  • We found one brilliant short film produced by Keiichi Matsuda for his final year Masters in Architecture. "It forms part of a larger project around the social and architectural consequences of new media and augmented reality. Matsuda suggests that as the expansion/progression and blending of digital utilities and platforms continues into the latter half of the 20th century, there is a distinct possibility that we will see the merging of the online and offline worlds through hyper-reality. This hyper-reality will provide a cacophony of imagery and sound through a constant and always on media space. Architecture will take on a whole new role for branding, image-building and consumerism". See his short film in action..

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    We all love YouTube. It is the best video website of the world. There we can upload, view and share video clips. Its bandwidth costs are estimated at approximately $1 million a day. It has millions of videos. Have you ever thought which are the most viewed videos on YouTube so far while im writing? Then today we are sharing the list of top 10 most viewed videos on YouTube from our findings.

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    Soon enough the technology will feature sense and feeling texture on the touchscreen like fabric, sand and water. The innovation adds the sensation of texture in relation to the displayed image by implementing vibrations technology. Though it may seem like an unbelievable reality comes from the future, more and more companies are designing prototypes that feature this “Feel Screen” technology.

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    While browsing the web for ideas and information, we stumbled upon this video which has taken our breath away beyond imagination. Captured over El Teide, Spain’s highest mountain using a Canon 5D Mark II digital camera SLR, the Milky Way galaxy might be the heaven itself featuring its beautiful scenery of stars and harmony of colors. This could be the best Milky Way video taken with a digital camera. Now sit back and enjoy the video. It's simply stunning.

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    Imagine you wake up in the morning and first thing you see is your room window with Eiffel Tower surrounding scenery, even better you can have Yellowstone National Park best sight or the view of high altitude of Himalayan rocky mountains of Everest. Anything! Customize it whatever you want to see. This is the potential of an awesome transparent smart window that we are going to show you about.

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    We can't resist on accepting the fact that these couple of talented wall art galleries painting designers are very creative and truly inspiring. Influenced by Japanese art and tend to showcase images of geishas, dragons and other element of culture, made their designs very unique and amazing. Follow these two videos of which we think two of the best wall art painting in the making ever captured.

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    Have you ever imagined looking all around through your visual field with few data superimposed and virtual captions that enhance the scan of your eyes? Just by few gestures and voice controls you can interact with what you see, update your social status, find your way through maps, make voice and video calls, and lot of other things that we can imagine. Follow us to see more what this is about.

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    Before we tackle the subject of marketing campaigns that made a difference, let’s be sure that everyone understands exactly what a marketing campaign is.  A marketing campaign is kind of like a carefully choreographed dance.  It’s a series of steps pain stakingly correlated that aid promotion of a certain item or service through various mediums […]

    The post Marketing campaigns which led to a change appeared first on WPTidBits.

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    Website design is becoming much more accessible and easier for people to do themselves. It is now much simpler to customise a website to fit an individual and unique style. You no longer have to be a website designer to improve the look and feel of your site. So, if your website is feeling a […]

    The post How to give your website a fresh feel appeared first on WPTidBits.